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Upside to downtowners in Tulsa

As I sit here prepared to put down everything that was intended for this piece I know for fact I will not cover it all. But if you ever had to experience the worst type of struggle one could be faced with it has no comparison to being homeless. Many people think that it’s just full of drug addicts and there addiction is why they are in thesituation, but you are wrong. DEAD WRONG… I spent 18 months on the streets of tulsa oklahoma and by no means was it due to an addiction. But this story here is to open the eyes and hearts of the hypocritical and for just a moment with each picture I share place yourself there in the moment and have complete understanding .

These are not even close to as beautiful as Downtown Tulsa currently looks.
Within a few steps

Not even a block from an expensive restaurant will you have to look very hard or long before you come across a downtowner resting. I say downtowner because if you ever visit Tulsa you will hear folks say be careful of those downtowners. But in reality they are no different than those reading this from the comfort of your cozy home.

Sometimes the only safe place to rest is the sidewalk during the day
Imagine if the only shelter came from these few but crowded spot at any given time

During my time on the streets my escape became music and taking pictures. And even though it has been five years since doing time I can tell you where I was and why I took thar picture. I say doing time because it is a prison but your wall that cages you in is as far as your eyes can see. Your sentence is how well you play the game. Now I’ve met more loyal and honest people in the downtowners I came across daily .

Finding beauty in the bullshit hand I was dealt in the game of life at the time.

Music and art are all we have left to love us back when we realize Noone else does.

Downtowners are just survivors of the streets. They remind you of the reality without the lights and glamor. They are the upside to downtown


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